Modern Medicine scientists conducted researches about Arak tree and found the following results: 1. Sewak contains tannins – Tannic Acid – and this acid has a counter-impact against decay. It is also a cleanness that has well-known uses against bloodshed, as it cleanses the gums and teeth, heals their small wounds and prevents bleeding. 2. In sewak, there is a substance related to mustard, which is Glicozurie. This substance has a sharp smell and taste which is felt by the person who uses sewak for the first time and this substance helps to kill any germs. 3. The composition of this plant is fibers that contain sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is the preferred material for usage in industrial toothpaste by The Dental Treatment Complex of the American Dental Association. 4. Sewak contains a substance that prevents tooth decay. This was stated by more than one researcher in the research prepared about the Arak tree. 5. Chemically speaking, sewak is composed of cellulose fibers, some volatile oils, aromatic substances among which is sodium chloride, which is food salt, and potassium chloride and lime. Thus, sewak is like a natural brush that Allah given a disinfectant powder to clean the teeth and prevent decay. 6. Several companies have been preparing the toothpastes from the roots of the Arak tree without the addition of any other chemicals that may have some side effects, which confirms the presence of substances that kill harmful germs that cause gingivitis and tooth decay in this Pastes.