Shafi'es and Hanbalis defined it as: Using a wooden stick or a similar object to remove the change of the tooth. Sewak is an authentic Sunnah narrated about the Prophet (peace be upon him) since the Prophet (peace be upon him) urged, used to use and called for using the sewak and counted it as one of the qualities of nature. It is recommended to use a flexible root to clean the mouth and not to injure it or gets crumbled in it. Arak, palm and olive fronds are examples. However, Arak is the best type of sewak since it has a good smell and fractions that reach to the tiny spaces between the tooth and also due to the tradition of Abdullah ibn. Masoud, may Allah be pleased with him, when he said (I used to bring a sewak of Arak to the Prophet, peace be upon him). Also, sewak contains a substance that prevents tooth decay. Many researchers mentioned this in researches that were conducted about Arak.